2016 NLP Community Grants - Successful applicants announced!

15th August 2016

New England North West Landcare are happy to announce the 21 successful applicants in the National Landcare Programme Small Community Grants 2016-2017 funding programme.

Congratulations to:

  • NENWNLP-1617-01: Healthy Soils, Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds, Putting It All Together  ($6,780). Border Landcare Organic Group (BLOG)will host three educational events to teach participants how to develop healthy soils, healthy bodies and healthy minds.
  • NENWNLP-1617-02: Demonstrating techniques to regenerate soils by improving biological activity and adding chelated trace elements ($3,050).  Granite Borders Landcare (GBLC) will support Tenterfield Community Gardens in hosting four paddock plant walks to assist land managers in identifying common paddock plants including introduced and native grasses and legumes and noxious and environmental weeds. 
  • NENWNLP-1617-04:  Increasing Knowledge and Participation in Boosting Farm Productivity and Improving Environmental Health ($7,200). Granite Borders Landcare (GBLC) will host four educational workshops, seminars and activities that will facilitate in building a more resilient and adaptive community. The workshop topics include Native bees, Dung beetles; Permaculture and Healthy Waterways & Dams.
  • NENWNLP-1617-05:  Building Community Capacity in the Northern End of the "Wild Country"- Koreelah, Legume, Liston & Rivertree. ($6,820).   Koreelah Landcare Group will host four educational workshops on topics including Native bees; SOFT farming; Investigating tropical pastures & alternative fertilisers; and Eucalyptus Identification & Native Vegetation Regulation.
  • NENWNLP-1617-07: Splatter gun & knapsack training & trial for co-ordinated lantana control at Rivertree in areas with difficult access ($3,640).  Rivertree Landcare Group will test the capability and effectiveness of the splatter gun and other methods for lantana control at Rivertree in difficult to access areas where normal high volume spraying is not efficient.
  • NENWNLP-1617-08:  What, why and wow! The art of project and event planning workshops ($6,220). Arts North West will present four workshops on project development, planning and delivery for organisations and community groups, including scope, budgets, timelines and checklists. Workshops will be held in Bundarra, Deepwater, Uralla and Walcha.
  • NENWNLP-1617-09: Connecting and enabling sustainable communities ($6,616). Southern New England Landcare (SNEL) will hold four events in or close to Uralla, Guyra, Walcha and Armidale. Each event will utilise and reward local leaders and land managers who present on the theme nominated for the event (e.g. soil regeneration experiences, place-based revegetation learnings).
  • NENWNLP-1617-10: Social Media & Digital Marketing for Community Groups – a hands-on-for-action workshop ($ 3,062).   Southern New England Landcare (SNEL) will hold a social media and digital marketing workshop for community members to learn new ways to effectively and efficiently innovate, communicate, learn and share.
  • NENWNLP-1617-11: Consolidating Inspiration into Action – from mineral to microbial. ($6,990 ).  Southern New England Landcare (SNEL) will hold two classroom days either side of three farm days and two guest speaker events. Farm days will provide for experiential learning around soil, pasture and feed assessments and sampling, and the sharing of experiences of particular grazing management systems and the outcomes of changes to the management of these systems.
  • NENWNLP-1617-12: Soil Health for Productivity and Farm Ecosystem Health. ($6,040).  Southern New England Landcare (SNEL) will provide training in soil management for a group of 20 primary producers in the Armidale/Guyra areas to educate land managers in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil to achieve high productivity and improved ecological function. 
  • NENWNLP-1617-13: Pasture Cropping-Perennial Cover Cropping in Ashford, NSW ($4,580).  The Pioneer of Pasture Cropping, Colin Seis, will conduct a one-day workshop/field day for GWYMAC in Ashford in 2017, focussing on improving grazing management.
  • NENWNLP-1617-16: Mischief, Motivation and Attitude in the Northern Tablelands ($7,000).  GWYMAC will host this one-day workshop which is facilitated by Mark McKeon and will address how to maximise time management (via the 'Go Zone, Go Slow Zone and No Zone) to address issues of team membership, peer mentoring, individual resilience and team resilience.
  • NENWNLP-1617-19: Developing & Maintaining Soil Biology with Hugh Lovel ($4,930).  GWYMAC  will present Farmer and international consultant Hugh Lovel of Quantum Agriculture (formerly of Georgia, USA and currently living in Australia since 2005) in a one-day workshop in lnverell on developing and maintaining soil biology.
  • NENWNLP-1617-20: Schools Safari with Alex  Dudley ($5,230).  GWYMAC will partner with the primary department of seven (7) lnverell and district public schools to deliver a series of Eco-Safari Workshops with Alex Dudley (Zoologist and Environmental Educator)  involving a walk within each respective school grounds looking at the habitats within in each school environment.
  • NENWNLP-1617-23: Regenerating Ecosystem processes for Secure Long-term Environmental, Economic and Social Benefits ($5,530).  This two-day event held by GWYMAC will consist of a Field Day at Fig Trees Organic Farms at lnverell (facilitated by Glenn Morris, with Guest Speaker Dr Judi Earl) and an evening screening on of the film 'Restoring Earth - A Documentary' by Bluebottle Films, funded and supported by The Wilderness Society.
  • NENWNLP-1617-24: Communication & Negotiation Skills for Landcare Leaders ($6,874). GLENRAC will host one one-day workshop in Glen Innes where Allan Parker of Peak Performance Development will deliver a Communication and Negotiation workshop to improve the skills and confidence of current and future Landcare and community leaders for our community.
  • NENWNLP-1617-26: Learning together to conserve the flora and fauna of our Endangered Ecological Community (Eucalyptus pacuiflora) at Glen Elgin ($2,495). Glen Elgin Eco Carers (GEEC) will learn species identification skills (flora and fauna) and understand the interconnectedness of the species that make up the Endangered Ecological Community (EEC) we are conserving.  Presenters are highly respected local botanist/ecologist Dr David Carr and regional herpetologist/ecologist Alex Dudley.
  • NENWNLP-1617-27: RSPCA Educational Visit. ($2,660). The RSPCA NSW Education Team will visit Glen Innes Show and local schools to encourage responsible pet ownership such as desexing vaccination and registration using an age-appropriate presentation to raise awareness of caring for animals with respect and kindness.
  • NENWNLP-1617-28: Good Governance Supports Great Outcomes ($4,891). GLENRAC will deliver training to landholders and other community members to build their skills and the capacity of community organisations across the Glen Innes district to be able to better achieve their goals and objectives through improved governance, better board member competence and effective meetings.
  • NENWNLP-1617-29: Paddock Plant Walks for Glen Innes land managers. ($3,042). GLENRAC will host four paddock plant walks across the Glen Innes Severn district in the summer months of 2016/2017 to assist land managers in identifying common paddock plants including introduced and native grasses and legumes and noxious and environmental weeds. 
  • NENWNLP-1617-30: Focus on Feral Animal Forum - Northern Tablelands. ($6,350). GLENRAC will host a Pest Animal Forum bringing together land managers, both public and private land, technical experts and pest animal control practitioners from across northern NSW to share information, experience, techniques and new technologies.

Successful applicants have been contacted and contract negotiations will be occurring over the coming weeks.

Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted to offer advice regarding future opportunities.

The National Landcare Programme Small Community Grants 2016-2017 is supported by the Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government.


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