PUBLIC NOTICE: 1080 Aerial and Ground Baiting For Wild Dog Control 2018

10th May 2018

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Forestry Corporation of NSW wish to advise they will be carrying out 1080 poison aerial and ground baiting for wild dog control, commencing 16 May and to be completed by the 30 June 2018.

This baiting program will be carried out in conjunction with the following Wild Dog Control Associations: Ashford, Atholwood, Bald Nob / Skeleton Creek, Baldersleigh, Barnard River, Blue Knobby, Cataract River, Chandler River, Cooney Creek, Deepwater / 10 Mile, Donnybrook, Dundee / Glen Elgin, Emmaville, Jeogla, Kooreelah, Liston, Mann River, McLeods Creek / Lower Rocky River, Moona / Winterbourne, Mt MacKenzie, Niangla / Nowendoc, Nullamanna / Wellingrove, Pyes Creek, Red Range / Pinkett, Sandy Flat, Steinbrook, Tenterden, Torrington  / Stannum, Wards Mistake, Wongwibinda, Yarrowitch / Tia.

Baiting will be undertaken on the following NPWS managed lands: Arakoola NR, Avondale SCA, Back River NR, Bald Rock NP Barool NP, Basket Swamp NP, Bluff River NR, Bolivia Hill NR, Boonoo Boonoo NP, Butterleaf NP, Capoompeta NP, Carrai NP/SCA, Cathedral Rocks NP, Cottan-Bimbang NP, Curracabundi NP, Donnybrook NR, Dthinna Dthinnawan CCA, Dthinna Dthinnawan NR, Gibraltar NR, Guy Fawkes River NP & NR, Kings Plains NP, Kwiambal CCA, Kwiambal NP, Mann River NR, Maryland NP, Mummel Gulf NP, Nowendoc NP, Nullamanna  NP, Oxley Wild Rivers NP, Serpentine NR, Severn River NR, Taringa NR, Tomalla NR, Torrington SCA, Tuggolo Creek NR, Warra NP, Washpool NP and Washpool SCA.
Baiting will occur in the following State Forests: Tomalla, Nundle, Terrible Billy, Tuggolo, Nowendoc, Giro, Riamukka, Enfield, Doyles River, Brassey, Styx River, Warra, Mount Mitchell, Moogem, Glen Elgin, Butterleaf, Brother, Oakwood, Gibralter Range, Forest Land, Spirabo, Billilimbra, Malara, Ewingar, Girard, Gilgury, Boorook, Boonoo, Bookookoorara, Donnybrook and Torrington State Forests.
Baiting will occur on the Travelling Stock Routes; TSR 14257 and TSR 810.
1080 baits pose a high risk to domestic dogs. All domestic dogs should be kept under control and away from baiting areas at all times. For further information please contact Northern Tablelands Local Land Services 6732 8800 (Glen Innes), 6770 2000 (Armidale), 6739 1400 (Tenterfield), 6720 8300 (Inverell), NPWS New England Area Office 6777 4700 (Walcha) or Forestry Corporation of NSW on 6585 3744 (Wauchope) or 6652 0111 (Coffs Harbour).

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