Free Online Resources

  • Landcare in Your School - Produced in 2012, this guide provides case studies, lesson plans and other useful information for starting a Landcare group or activity in your high school.
  • In Safe Hands Tool Kit - Make sure your volunteers are always safe! This Toolkit provides resources for community groups to ensure their 'duty of care' is met.

Members of Landcare NSW/Landcare Australia can also access additional resources at:

  • Landcare Toolbox - Landcare NSW has produced a number of resources, funded by the State Government Landcare Support Program, including Governance Checklists, Factsheets, Landcare Policy Templates and Insurance Information.
  • New Landcare Group Starter Kit - Landcare Australia Ltd has produced a helpful booklet telling everything you need to know about starting a new Landcare group.
  • Youth Engagement and Landcare: A How To Kit - A guide to helping local Landcare groups to look to the future by fostering and encouraging a new generation of Landcarers.

Do we need to incorporate?

Many Landcare groups opt to become incorporated associations. This is usually so they can apply for grant funding or enter into legally binding contracts. Incorporation also provides the group with its own legal identity which protects individual members during any legal transactions. Incorporation comes with specific governance obligations including a minimum of five legal members, the formation of a committee, developing a constitution and appointing a public officer. There are small ongoing annual costs associated with becoming incorporated.

If your group is affiliated with another entity, such as a church, school, community strata title or local council you may not need to be incorporated, as your existing partner can act as a legal entity on your behalf. If you can avoid incorporation by working with another entity you can have all the benefits of being able to receive grant funding etc., without the governance burdens associated with incorporating! Similarly, if you are a group of landholders working on private land only wanting to engage in Landcare informally, and do not have an interest in getting funds as a group or entering into contracts, you do not need to become incorporated.

If you decide that it is best to incorporate, as you would like to receive funds as a group or think your group would benefit from a more formalised governance structure, Local Land Services can help you through this process. To read more about incorporation, visit the NSW Fair Trading Website.

Do we need insurance?

As above, if your Landcare activity comes under the auspices of another entity, then it may be that you are also covered under their public liability insurance. It is important you have this confirmed by the entity. If you are working on Crown or private land, your group members will need to purchase insurance. Local Land Services can provide you with advice about appropriate insurances and, in some instances, will cover the cost of insurance.

What tools, training or other support do we need to undertake our work safely and successfully?

If you are new to environmental management, you may need training to ensure you undertake work without causing any damage to sensitive areas or wildlife habitat. You may also need specific tools or safety equipment. Contact your local Landcare Network for advice regarding getting the right equipment or sourcing available funding.

Chemical Card Training Options

There are a range of training providers who deliver face-to-face, online or correspondence training activities, including:

Other training providers may be listed here.

NENW Landcare also produces a regular e-newsletter to keep you informed about any funding or local training opportunities available. And other information/resources can be downloaded below.